QSBS Exemption Guidelines FAQ

QSBS Tax Loophole

A famous quote by Barry Goldwater "the income tax created more criminals than any other single act by the government". This is true in many cases as the IRS estimates that there was a total of $1.8B in tax fraud in 2019. There are certain sections of … Read More

QSBS Tax Saving

If you are an individual investor, an employee holding stock options, founder, investment fund, or even a tax advisor you can or can help your clients realize huge tax savings by becoming familiar with an overlooked section of the tax code. Section 1202 allows the above stakeholders … Read More

Tax-Free Investment

YESSSS it is possible to make a "tax-free investment" without needing to qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, government entity, or investing in municipal bonds. Navigating the tax code is like playing chess, you need to have a strategic gameplan with various scenarios mapped out to make your … Read More

QSBS Convertible Note

"Never invest in anything that eats or needs repairing." - Billy Rose Putting Section 1202 QSBS (i.e. qualified small business stock) and convertible note ("QSBS Convertible Note") in the same sentence is a recipe for an "investment needing repaired". If you have stumbled upon this page there are … Read More

QSBS Exemption

If you enjoy investing in small businesses/startups and saving money on taxes then you should learn more about the QSBS exemption, creating tax-free wealth. The couple in the above picture just found out they can save up to 100% on capital gains tax (...they didn't really it's … Read More

What is a SAFE Note?

A "SAFE" note stands for simple agreement for future equity. SAFE notes were invented by the famous Silicon Valley accelerator fund Y Combinator. Since 2013, SAFEs have become popular with founders because they were initially supposed to be fairer to founders, but that is not always the … Read More