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Growth Wefunder

The Growth of Crowdfunding: Wefunder

Crowdfunding is currently one of the most widespread investment mediums to gain immense popularity in the startup marketplace in years, with no evidence of slowing. This freshly trending mode of investing has also ushered in the growth of crowdfunding investment platforms. In 2021 alone, KingsCrowd has reported that … Read More

Growth of Crowdfunding

The Growth of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has significantly impacted the startup marketplace over the last several years, and there are no signs of its influence slowing down. Crowdfunding has grown into a top-of-the-list mode of equity investing. Equity crowdfunding has become a popular means for startups to share their company name, mission, … Read More


Leveraging Aumni Analytics for QSBS

The rise of venture capital investment opportunities on the national and global stage has created a need for early-stage investment platforms. These investment platforms and firms offer a centralized environment for investors to pool venture capital. Early-stage investing firms are already investing in many hopeful and promising … Read More