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Are SAFEs Safe for QSBS?

Not sure if the stock you’re invested in is QSBS, learn more about our QSBS Monitoring Platform Simple Agreements for Future Equity, otherwise known as SAFEs, exist thanks to the startup accelerator Y-Combinator’s 2013 innovation.  With a SAFE, an investor makes a cash investment in a company, but the … Read More

Family Limited Partnerships and QSBS

What is a family limited partnership? A family limited partnership, or "FLP", is a legal entity established when two or more members of a family create a partnership. The partnership is set up as a holding company, and the holdings may include business interests, real estate, securities, and … Read More

Tax-Free Investment

YESSSS it is possible to make a "tax-free investment" without needing to qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, government entity, or investing in municipal bonds. Navigating the tax code is like playing chess, you need to have a strategic gameplan with various scenarios mapped out to make your … Read More

QSBS Convertible Note

"Never invest in anything that eats or needs repairing." - Billy Rose Putting Section 1202 QSBS (i.e. qualified small business stock) and convertible note ("QSBS Convertible Note") in the same sentence is a recipe for an "investment needing repaired". If you have stumbled upon this page there are … Read More

Is my QSBS Exclusion Safe in a Divorce?

If a divorce were to occur and the QSBS was divided between the two individuals it would be treated as if each individual had QSBS from the day it was issued. The divorce actually creates two separate exclusions, one for each spouse. For example, each individual would … Read More