What Is the Arizona Small Business Capital Investment Incentive Program?

The Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) offers a Small Business Capital Investment Incentive Program for angel investors investing in “qualified small businesses” with a tax credit up to $250,000. The guidelines for the tax credit are below.

Investor Guidelines

  • Must be an individual, LLC, S Corp, or a partnership
  • Submit application to ACA 30 calendar days after investment.
  • One or more investments in a qualified small business up to $250,000 annually.
  • Before the investment, the investor or affiliates do not own 30% plus of the total voting power of all equity securities.

Investment Guidelines

  • Investment is on or after July 1, 2006.
  • Investment is in an equity security.
  • The investment is at least $25,000 in the form of cash or cash equivalent.

Business Guidelines

  • The business can be a C Corporation, LLC, partnership, or any business entity not classified as a sole proprietorship
  • Maintains a portion of operations in Arizona.
  • At least two full-time non-administrative employees that are Arizona residents.
  • The business is in the startup stages and is not engaged in activities not allowed by the ACE or by statute A.R.S section 41-1518(k)(6).
  • Does not involve activities involving human cloning or embryonic stem cell research.
  • Assets, not including intellectual property or the qualified investment, do not exceed $10 million, unless the investment was before December 31, 2011 where assets are limited to $2 million.
  • Cumulatively has not received over $2 million in qualified investments.

How do I apply for the Arizona Small Business Capital Investment Incentive Program?

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