How does Missouri support QSBS startup innovation and economic development?

The state of Missouri founded the Missouri Technology Corporation (“MTC”), a state Venture Program, in 2005 as a vehicle to provide capital, resources, and partnerships to entrepreneur innovation in the state of Missouri, fostering long-term economic growth and development. MTC has deployed over $27M in funding through its IDEA funds to 140 startups throughout the state who have received ~$800M in additional funding and created over 1.5k jobs. MTC also supports 9 innovation centers throughout the state and various grant programs.

Within the state of Missouri, there are 28 venture capital and accelerator funds focused on early-stage startups. One of the most well-known venture capital funds is Cultivation Capital, which has a fund solely focused on Midwest Seed Stage startups. The moSourceLink website has a page with a list of resources for various types of funding opportunities available to entrepreneurs in Missouri. The Missouri Department of Economic Development also has a page for various innovation centers and influencers within Missouri’s startup ecosystem.

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