Tax Exclusion/Gain Calculation

What Date Did I Acquire the QSBS?

If the stock was acquired directly from the qualifying QSBS corporation at the original issue, the acquisition date for QSBS purposes is the purchase date.  However, the acquisition date for QSBS purposes varies if the QSBS was received in another way, such as compensation for services performed, … Read More

What are the Capital Gains Tax Rates?

The long-term (assets held over 12 months) capital gains tax rates during 2020 are: Capital Gains Tax Bracket 0%: Income between $0 – $39,37515% : Income between $39,376 – $434,55020%: Income over $434,55028%: Maximum Tax Rate on Section 1202 QSBS Gains that are not excludable More on calculating your QSBS exclusion Read More