Member Interest QSBS Acquisition with Blocker Holding Company

This scenario is a typical transaction structure that PE funds will utilize.

When a fund is acquiring a members interest in a pass through entity and not stock in a corporation the fund will set up a blocker corporation so that the income is not passing through to the fund, which can affect foreign or tax exempt investors.

This structure is done by forming a new holding corporation that will issue QSBS after the fund contributes capital to the holding corporation. The holding corporation will then acquire a controlling interest in the member’s equity of the LLC target company.

Tax-Free Member Interest Acquisition with Blocker Holding Company

The below scenario is a double tax saver in the fact that it takes advantage of (1) a Section 368 tax-free stock exchange and (2) a QSBS qualified transaction.

The PE fund will form a new holding corporation and contribute capital to the newly formed corporation for QSBS. Next the newly formed holding company will issue stock to ABC Holding, Inc. in exchange for 100% of the stock in ABC, Inc., which will be considered a Section 368 tax free transaction. Through ABC Holding, Inc. the Newco Holdings, Inc. will own 100% of ABC LLC. The aftermath of the transaction will be no realized gains to the shareholders of ABC Holding, Inc. and QSBS to both parties.

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