Ikena Oncology, Inc. (formerly KYN Therapeutics)

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Ikena Oncology
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Ikena Oncology is working on the development of small molecule modulators as a treatment for cancer patients who currently have no approved therapies or are otherwise underserved in their treatment. They focus on biomarker-driven cancers and identify many novel biomarkers due to working with patients who have no other options for treatment. Current therapies target the formation and spread of cancer and focus on populations that they believe are highly likely to respond to treatment.

Biotechnology, Health Care, Therapeutics

Please note, it is important to assess the company’s business activities against Section 1202(e)(3) which specifies certain industries that are not considered a “qualified trade or business.”

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Per Section 1202, entities need to be a C Corporation or equivalent in order to issue QSBS.  Refer here for further details.

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Given the Company was incorporated after September 27, 2010, all shares could be eligible for up to a 100% tax exclusion if the other QSBS criteria are met.

Any individual owning stock purchased or received directly from the company could potentially be eligible for the QSBS capital gains tax exclusion or the Section 1045 gain rollover if the QSBS standards as per IRC Section 1202 were met at the time of issuance.

In order to assess whether stock issued previously may qualify, the Company would also have to have not taken actions that invalidate QSBS status such as a certain level of redemptions, and would have to satisfy the active business requirement.

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