Impact of QSBS on Stock Options

Not sure if the stock you’re invested in is QSBS, learn more about our QSBS Monitoring Platform If you have stock options you could be in for a big surprise because the various tranches of stock options can qualify for the QSBS 100% capital gains tax exclusion depending … Read More

QSBS Stock Options Example

Suppose ABC Corp hired a CFO and granted them 5% of the employee stock option pool that vests over 2 years. At the time of the granting and vesting the company qualified as a Qualified Small Business and therefore the stock and stock options qualified as … Read More

QSBS Implications of Stock Options

To pin down if your stock options qualify for QSBS, whether exercised or not, you should first run through the QSBS criteria to ensure that the underlying stock is QSBS qualified. Explore the basics of QSBS here. If your company recently had a round of financing, the … Read More

QSBS Stock Options

QSBS + Stock Options = Maximized Returns If you are an employee or contractor and you have received stock options there are a few questions that are imperative to ask upfront (i) what are the tax effects, (ii) when should I exercise my stock options, (iii) do my … Read More

QSBS for Employees

As an employee, you have taken the risk of believing in your company and dedicating your time and maybe even money to its mission. You could be missing out on tax incentives with your compensated stock. Your stock may be eligible for a 100% capital gains tax … Read More

Should I Exercise My QSBS Stock Options Now?

The timing of exercising stock options can vary from person to person and depends on whether your options are non-qualified (NQSO) or incentive stock options (ISOs). ISOs can only be granted to employees, unlike NQSOs that can be granted to anyone (i.e. contractors, employees, and directors). … Read More

Do My Stock Options Qualify for QSBS?

Stock options could qualify for QSBS after they are exercised, but there are a few steps you should take before exercising your "QSBS stock options". If you are concerned about the tax implications of selling or exercising your QSBS stock options than you are in the right … Read More