QSBS Founders React to BBBA Amendments and Incentive Cuts

As the Build Back Better Act Amendments (BBBA) continue to threaten the QSBS tax incentive, the potential repercussions are causing many founders to voice concern about the direct impact these changes would have on them, their fellow employees and their shareholders. Originally designed to invigorate the economy and … Read More

Small Business QSBS

Track QSBS and other tax incentive developments on social media

Where Can You Follow Along? CapGains, Inc, alongside our subsidiary QSBS Expert, has brought our subscribers the latest news on the top stories surrounding tax incentives. Most recently, that has meant bringing our audience real-time updates on the Build Back Better Act proposed amendments to QSBS. QSBS Expert Our LinkedIn profile … Read More

Urging Policymakers to Preserve QSBS

We are proud to work with industry leaders to urge policymakers to preserve QSBS tax treatment given. On September 30, 2021, CapGains Inc. (d/b/a QSBS Expert), along with the following organizations, sent the below letter to members of Congress to inform them as to why … Read More

Carta Supports the Qualified Small Business Stock Incentive

Carta, an ownership and equity management platform with a deep understanding and influence within the American startup ecosystem serving over 20,000 corporations, has published its stance on the proposed policy to limit the QSBS exemption. As a reaction to the House Ways and Means Committee’s proposed amendment … Read More