QSBS high net worth

The Value of Startup Funding for HNW Investors

The startup ecosystem is making a seismic impact on our nation's economy. It has jumpstarted economic growth, grown technological innovations, and contributed to job creation and retention. Not only that, investing in the startup ecosystem could be highly beneficial for High-Net-Worth (HNW) investors that are looking to … Read More

Willis Dobens BBBA

Build Back Better with QSBS

In an article penned by tax experts Benjamin M. Willis and Ryan J. Dobens which quickly created a buzz, the authors predict the House’s version of Biden’s Build Back Better Act will not likely make it past the Senate in its current form.  Section 138149 of the Build … Read More


Startup Employees Will be Affected by Bidens QSBS Tax Plan

Many people believe Biden’s Tax Plan will only affect the wealthiest of America; however, many others will be directly impacted. One of these classes of individuals, that will be affected by the tax plan, is the employees of Startups—America’s backbone of economic innovation. The lawmakers behind this … Read More