Qualifying QSBS Businesses

Do PBCs or B Corps Qualify for QSBS?

Most importantly not only can you provide a public benefit with your company's mission but also elect to receive the C Corporation tax exemptions as a PBC (i.e. Public Benefit Corporation) or B-Corp. PBCs and B-Corps can qualify for Section 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS). PBCs … Read More

Does QSBS Affect My Tax Refund?

Is it almost that time of the year again? I hope so because it's almost time to get that tax refund and put in a new pool or in most cases... pay off medical bills. Assuming you are reading this article if you have Qualified Small Business … Read More

Can QSBS Be an LLC?

The answer is maybe.... because there are so many layers and nuances that make the tax code confusing. If you are unfamiliar with QSBS it stands for Qualified Small Business Stock and is regulated under Section 1202 of the IRC tax code. In short, QSBS is an … Read More

Do Startups With No Revenue Qualify for Section 1202 QSBS?

Section 1202(e) explicitly states that “start-up activities” under Section 195(c)(l)(A) or research/experimental activities under Section 174 or Section 41(b)(4) will receive special treatment when testing for the active test. Therefore, if an angel investor is investing in a startup company that is pre-revenue and is still in the idea stage, trying to reach product-market fit, the … Read More

Can an LLC Taxed as C Corporation Qualify for QSBS?

Section 1202 states that a ” ‘qualified small business’ means any domestic corporation which is a C corporation” and does not explicitly state treatment for an LLC taxed as a C-Corporation. Although this is true,  in Ltr. Rul. 201636003 a tax-free reorganization involving an LLC taxed as a C Corporation and converted to a … Read More

Do All C-Corp’s Qualify for QSBS?

The general intent of QSBS is to encourage development of companies that are created to drive new innovations and spur job creation, however not every type of C-Corp can qualify for issuing QSBS.  Companies incorporated in the U.S. as C-Corps are eligible for QSBS unless the corporation was formed … Read More