Are RocksBox Shares Eligible for the QSBS Capital Gains Tax Exemption?

Rocksbox, Inc. was acquired by Signet Jewelers on April 6, 2021. 

Founded in 2012, Rocksbox offers $21 per month subscriptions for three jewelry selections from noted designers. The monthly subscription fee can be applied toward the purchase of items that customers want to keep. 

“Under CEO Meaghan Rose’s leadership, Rocksbox has revolutionized the jewelry rental subscription marketplace by delivering personalized, online and data-driven customer experiences for jewelry lovers who prioritize fashion, online convenience and sustainability,”

Signet CEO Virginia “Gina” Drosos

With this acquisition, many early shareholders (angel investors, venture investors, employees, option holders) are wondering if their shares may be eligible for the QSBS Exemption. The answer is potentially. There are lots of factors that go into understanding the eligibility or not of a company for the QSBS exemption and they are each a bit unique in nature based on how and when the shareholder acquired their shares as well as underlying information on the company.

Early employees will also be asking are my stock options eligible for QSBS, along with investors, founders, consultants and other key stockholders. There are also questions regarding what state the shareholder lives in. Considering RocksBox is based in California, California’s QSBS Exemption laws will also be important for employees filing in the state.

If you are a stockholder and hold shares or stock options in RocksBox, we can help you perform a QSBS Assessment, just contact us and we will promptly get back to you.

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