Legal Tech Startup Focus Podcast with CapGains, Inc Co-Founders Jonathan Fish & Kyle Richless

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The LegalTech Startup Focus Podcast Founder and Host—Charlie Uniman—explores the many nuances of startup life within the legal realm with special guests. In this episode, CapGains, Inc. Co-Founders, Jonathan Fish and Kyle Richless discuss CapGain’s Inc inaugural product—QSBS Expert—and how it can unlock millions of dollars for founders and investors.

This podcast unpacks the lucrative tax optimization strategy for equity owners, investors, startup enthusiasts, and  interested listeners. Charlie kicks things off by exploring Jon and Kyle’s background around how their personal journey’s led them to launch QSBS Expert. Jon reveals that QSBS Expert was founded after he personally had difficulty finding experts on the subject, or even folks familiar with a surface level understanding on the nuanced tax incentive. This despite Jon having worked at the biggest accounting firm in the world. 

Furthermore, Jon and Kyle break down the history of QSBS and how I.R.C. Section 1202 was introduced in 1993. Additionally, Jon upacks for the audience the 4 key criteria which all equity holders ought to know about QSBS:

  1. Qualifying Businesses are confined to domestic C-Corporations
  2. QSBS Targets Scalable Business (Business Must Qualify Under §1202(e))
  3. Total Gross Assets – as represented on the balance sheet – must be below $50M when the securities are issued
  4. The Business Must Satisfy the Active Business Requirement

Finally, the CapGains Co-Founders discuss real-world experiences the team has had with clients/Founders and how they could have been dealt with if monitored by CapGains, Inc.. 

Kyle introduces a brand new platform that,

 “…course corrects QSBS tripwires for free, allowing clients to be proactive about their tax incentives and claim this exemption with confidence….[w]hen it comes to tax incentives, you can’t afford to wait; rather, companies and investors need to be proactive so they can capitalize”

We thought this listen will make for a worthwhile primer for anyone interested in staying QSBS eligible and, in doing so, unlocking millions for early shareholders. Below you can find the link to hear CapGains Co-Founders Jonathan Fish and Kyle Richless on Charlie’s podcast, and learn how to be proactive with your tax incentives so you don’t forfeit your chance to be a part of this lucrative tax exemption!

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This article does not constitute legal or tax advice. Please consult with your legal or tax advisor with respect to your particular circumstance.

About QSBS Expert

QSBS Expert was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, investors, accountants and lawyers who came together when trying to navigate a QSBS situation of their own. We quickly realized that the regulations left a lot of open questions and the publicly available information was confusing to sift through…so we thought that others may also benefit from having a “go to” resource for all things QSBS.