EquipmentShare stock and QSBS

Columbia, MO based unicorn startup, EquipmentShare received another $65.3mm in funding in January 2021, and is one of the hottest startups in Missouri.

If you are a stockholder and received your shares before the January 2021 round of financing which exceeded the $50mm gross asset threshold, your shares may be eligible for the QSBS exemption, provided the Company met the QSBS criteria.

Check out a few additional details below.

Corporation:  EquipmentShare 


Description:  EquipmentShare is a pioneer with leveraging technology to manage fleets of heavy construction equipment. The Company’s technology empowers customers to track equipment with geofences and access codes. In addition, the Company collects data on the equipment’s health to increase safety and lower insurance rates. Since nationalizing the Company’s technology, Equipment Share has created a unique business model that takes advantage of dormant inventory of large equipment manufacturers (e.g. Caterpillar) by (i) first leasing the equipment from the manufacturer, (ii) then leasing it to a customer, and (iii) selling it back to the manufacturer.

Incorporation Date:  November 25, 2014 

QSBS Potential:  According to Crunchbase the Company has raised a total of $124.1M to date with the latest round of financing round in January of 2021 for $65.3M. The Company had not raised over $50M at once until 2021, indicating shares obtained prior to January 2021 may be eligible for the QSBS exemption.  

If you obtained shares in EquipmentShare prior to January 2021, please contact us to evaluate your potential QSBS eligibility.

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