Are Coinbase shares eligible for QSBS Exemption?

With the upcoming IPO of Coinbase, many early shareholders are wondering if they can take the QSBS Exemption on their gain of Coinbase. The answer is potentially. There are lots of factors that go into understanding the eligibility or not of a company for QSBS exemption and they are each a bit unique in nature based on how and when the shareholder acquired their shares as well as underlying information on the company.

Early employees will also be asking are my stock options eligible for QSBS, along with investors, founders and other key stockholders.

Coinbase also has a ton of interesting questions as we start to think about the Crypto world and if it has any interactions with QSBS. For example, you are seeing people with extraordinary ICO’s, Bitcoin and Etherium and there are questions asked about if any of the underlying assets are considered equity instruments and should be eligible for the QSBS Exemption.

We are glad to help, if you have shares and where an early shareholder of Coinbase we will help you with our QSBS Assessment, just contact us and we will promptly get back to you.

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