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With so much on the line for you and your shareholders, who doesn’t want to save the last minute agony of recognizing QSBS faults and tripwires? Proactively track and monitor your company’s QSBS eligibility through the CapGains Platform.

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Platform Setup Assessment

Adaptive questions cover hundreds of permutations and gear the platform towards your specific business, product, and market context

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Tripwire Analysis

Identifies tripwires and hazards which jeopardize eligibility

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Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring helps to contemporaneously record and flag potential QSBS matters, and identify remediation measures in real time as your company grows.

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Corporate Summary

Customized reports – prepared in conjunction with our legal and accounting firm partners – are available for purchase by shareholders to provide the highest level of confidence to claim the exemption

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The gains from your startup could be tax-free if you have the appropriate tools to navigate QSBS.  We’re here to help.

Why Act Now?

Today’s small businesses power tomorrow’s economy. Our government wants to reward these business-building entrepreneurs and startup investors with incentives. These incentives exempt many shareholders from capital gains tax and without a QSBS plan to help navigate the many pitfalls—which jeopardize eligibility—this powerful exemption can be totally lost.

CapGains Monitoring = Peace of Mind.

The QSBS rules are extensive and often ambiguous. Don’t let confusion or ignorance prevent you from getting the most out of your success.

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Step 1.

Join our free Platform to establish a baseline of QSBS eligibility.

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Step 2.

The resulting personalized report provides a roadmap to maintain QSB status.

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Step 3.

Optional upgrades provide additional support, clarity, & peace of mind when tripwires are encountered.   

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Step 4.

Upon exit, individual shareholder analyses are available to bolster QSBS confidence around eligibility.

Founder friendly. Easy to use. Free to join.  The CapGains Platform.

Corporation / Entity Level

Continuous Support Documentation & Analysis

Ongoing & Rolling
QSBS Monitoring

Annual fee

Pricing available upon request

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Security / Shareholder Level

Exit Corporate Summary

Completed in conjunction with our CPA Partners

Per company

$30,000 / company

Company-level Corporate Summaries

$3,000 / individual

Additional Individual Taxpayer Summaries

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